Top three greatest cricket players turned coaches

The sport of cricket has produced numerous world-class talents. You can name great cricket players easily, but great coaches are hard to find since coaching is a completely different game. Great players have little success in transitioning into the role of a coach, while some less-famous players have made their name as excellent coaches. 1. […]

The fans’ top four greatest sports coaches of all time

After sifting through the history books, we have found the fans’ top four greatest coaches of all time. With just a firm stare, they have inspired an entire team, nation, and even planet. Phil Jackson Coaching the Bulls and Lakers, Phil Jackson has won a record 10 NBA Championships. He has also a two-time champion […]

Ten greatest coaches in the history of tennis (part 3)

6. Paul Annacone During the 1980s, Paul Annacone was a successful professional tennis player, having a career-high ranking of World Number 12 in 1986. He even won a Grand Slam at the Australian Open of 1985 at the doubles level and achieved a career-high doubles ranking of World Number 3. But Annacone is most famous […]

Ten greatest coaches in the history of tennis (part 2)

4. Boris Becker In December 2013, Novak Djokovic sought the services of Boris Becker as his coach. Since Becker had no experience in coaching before, it was quite a challenge for him to help Djokovic surpass two of the greatest stars that the sport of tennis has had: Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. The Becker-Djokovic […]

Ten greatest coaches in the history of tennis (part 1)

Many people may consider tennis as one of the few sports that pit singular competitors against one another. In fact, there is much more behind the scenes of these one-on-one battles. Now let’s look at ten of the greatest coaches in the history of tennis and their roles in cultivating greatness. 1. Mike Estep Before […]

Alex Ferguson Biography

Birthday: December 31, 1941 Birthplace: the U.K. Profession: Football Coach Sir Alexander Ferguson is the most successful manager in the history of British football. He managed Manchester United from 1986 to 2013, having led the club to win 13 Premier League titles. Having spent all of his playing career in Scotland, in 1974, Sir Alex […]