The oldest, youngest, and most wins coaches in the history of EURO

The 15 tournaments of the UEFA European Championship have been won by 15 different coaches. But which coaches are the key factors? Let’s break down the stand-out figures. Winners Gavriil Kachalin (USSR), EURO 1960 José Villalonga (Spain), EURO 1964 Ferruccio Valcareggi (Italy), EURO 1968 Helmut Schön (West Germany), EURO 1972 Václav Ježek (Czechoslovakia), EURO 1976 […]

World’s Highest-Paid Cricket Coaches (P1)

Coaches play an important role in sports with a lot of responsibilities and pressures, especially coaches of the game of cricket. The coaches will mainly contribute to the success or loss of the team via their decision-making skills. The role of a head coach will partly be reflected by their remuneration. The followings are a […]

The Best Female Coaches in The History of Sports (part 3)

Nancy Lieberman Nancy Lieberman is a name that can be recognized even by those who don’t follow women’s basketball. She led Power into the Big3 in 2018 and works as a broadcaster for the New Orlean’s Pelicans. Having started her iconic basketball career by winning the silver medal in the 1976 Montreal Olympics and then […]

Highest-Paid Football Coaches- Updated Contract Details

Football clubs not only spend much money on players but also on the best coaches. The following is a list of top five football coaches with the highest salaries in 2020. 1/ Pep Guardiola (Annual Basic Salary £15 million) Pep Guardiola ranks the first position after signing his three-year contract with the Manchester City football […]

The Best Female Coaches in The History of Sports (part 2)

Cheryl Miller Unlike any other coaching career path, Cheryl Miller has worked in various aspects of basketball since college. Miller started setting records for her team in high school, and made history by being the first high school athlete to be named an All-American from Parade Magazine four times, male or female! Miller started and […]

Famous Coaches of Major League Baseball (Part3)

The followings are the third part of the famous coaches of Major League Baseball. 6/ Brad Arnsberg Before being a coach of the Florida Marlins since 2002, Brad Arnsberg was a former pitcher. He was a guiding force behind a number of famous pitching staff such as Ryan Dempster, Josh Beckett, Brad Penny, A.J. Burnett, […]

The Best Female Coaches in The History of Sports (part 1)

Since women took over the NFL to women’s basketball, the best female coaches in the history of sports are trailblazers, groundbreakers​, and legends. In the past 10 or 15 years, most women had trouble gaining positions as assistant coaches, even with impeccable resumes and records, which makes them stand out. Here is a list of […]

Famous Coaches of Major League Baseball (Part 2)

In the first article, we learned about three out of the most famous coaches of the Major League Baseball (MLB), namely Charlie Root, Herm Starrette, and Lee Stange. Today, let’s continue with the next famous names: Dave Wallace and Billy Muffett. 4/ Dave Wallace Dave Wallace has a long and successful baseball coaching career, starting […]