Stefan Edberg

There is this professional player named Roger Federer who owes some of his success to the coaching of Stefan Edberg who has helped to shape the quality of Federer’s game around the world and he has also given the present superstar some clarity and focus on the court. Edberg has helped keep Federer at the top of his form, even this late in the Swiss master’s career. Surely, Edberg might have come late but he is as vital to the process as anyone could be.

Melanie Molitor

Speaking of female tennis stars, Martina Hingis surely had a great coach: her mother, Melanie Molitor. Molitor deserves her own batch of gourmet coffee beans for having so much energy to keep Martina Hingis dedicated and on point for 5 straight Grand Slams and win four of those competitions. Hingis stuck in at number 1 overall in the world for an incredible 209 weeks.

Bob Brett

Bob Brett is famous for his school in Italy where he coaches some international superstars. Brett has worked with Medvedev, Ancic, Boris Becker, and Cilic. Brett has pretty rigid views on what makes a champion and he is a hard-case. Still, we would order flowers online for the man if it got our kid into his good graces.

Robert Lansdorp

Lansdorp is among the greatest coaches whom most people don’t talk about, depending on who you ask. Lansdorp was a vital part of Maria Sharapova’s ascent to the top in spite of the fact that her father took the credit. Lansdorp also coached a less known guy named Pete Sampras as well as two phenomenal female players in Anastasia Myskina and Lindsay Davenport. Davenport also credited almost all of her success to the coaching of Lansdorp by saying, “I wouldn’t have achieved what I did without the strokes he gave me.”