You can look at the sport of tennis as one of the few pure games in the world that pit singular competitors against one another. Surely, there is so much more behind the scenes of these epic one-on-one battles. In this article, let’s have a look at some of the greatest coaches in the history of tennis as well as the parts they played in cultivating greatness.

Mike Estep

Martina Navratilova was quite good during her heyday and it thanked large part to the coaching of Mike Estep, who was integral in leading the tennis phenom to winning up to six straight Wimbledons — a feat that hasn’t ever been done. Let’s start trying to learn his coaching methods if we want to be a star! But of course, we’re only joking since there has never been another player like Navratilova ever after.

Toni Nadal

If you want to order flowers for anyone in Rafael Nadal’s life, you might want to start with Toni Nadal. Rafael made it known in his book that Toni Nadal was instrumental in his ascent to the top. Toni was the guy who pushed Rafael to play with his left hand to get an advantage over top right-handed opponents. Yeah, call someone and order flowers online for the man. Thanks to tough coaching from Toni, Rafael Nadal is one of the greatest of all time.

Brad Gilbert

Robin Williams, the famous comedian who might have lived on gourmet coffee beans only, famously called Brad Gilbert the ‘Tennis Sensei’. Gilbert wrote the book ‘Winning Ugly’ – one of the most utilized coaching texts of all time. He worked with Andre Agassi and led the athlete to a Grand Slam. Agassi says of Brad Gilbert, “Brad taught me how to play tennis, period.”