Nancy Lieberman

Nancy Lieberman is a name that can be recognized even by those who don’t follow women’s basketball. She led Power into the Big3 in 2018 and works as a broadcaster for the New Orlean’s Pelicans. Having started her iconic basketball career by winning the silver medal in the 1976 Montreal Olympics and then won the 1979 World Championship, Nancy is typically considered as one of the greats in women’s basketball.

In 1979, Nancy took both the Honda Sports Award and the Honda-Broderick Cup. One year later, she received the Honda Sports Award again, making her one of the best female coaches of all time.

Tara VanDerveer

Having kept her position as the women’s top basketball coach at Stanford University for 33 years as of 2018, Tara VanDerveer has a record of 886-191. She worked with Idaho and Ohio State Universities from the late 1970s to mid-1980s and lays claim to 1,036 wins with only 242 losses in her career. These number make her the second top-ranked female basketball coach in the history of the sport.

VanDerveer took a break from working as the head coach for Stanford to take part in the 1996 Olympic Games for the U.S. national team. Born in Melrose, Massachusetts, she has only played for Albany and Indiana teams. She moved on to her coaching career in 1978, three years after completing her college basketball run.

Sylvia Hatchell

Having the fourth most career wins in American basketball history, Sylvia Hatchell started a career coaching in 1974. She started this career coaching at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, leading the women’s basketball team to multiple victories. Throughout her coaching career, Hatchell took the fourth highest rank for professional wins.

So far as her athletics are concerned, she competed with the US basketball team as the head coach for the 1994 Jones Cup Team. They took the gold that year in Taipei. Hatchell stands out from other women coaches, and many other coaches, because of her unmatched leadership skills and positivity. As of 2018, Hatchell still coaches the North Carolina teams, leads the ACC Converses, and has multiple gold medals to attribute to her name.