Leonardo Jardim

He took young and ambitious Monaco to win the French championship and reached the semi-finals of the Champions League, and now faces an ever more challenging challenge as the big stars turn out.

Carlo Ancelotti

While Bayern Munich has just been sacked, with his class and experience, it’s just a matter of time before Carlo Ancelotti heads another major squad.

Mauricio Pochettino

The Argentinean coach has made it a true challenger to the Premier League, establishing a golden wave in English football with a much tighter transfer budget than his rivals.

Joachim Low

After winning the 2014 World Cup, Joachim Low started to excel with the German squad as he led them to the throne in the Confed Cup with Team B and obtained absolute results in the 2018 World Cup qualifying: won 10/10 matches.

Massimiliano Allegri

When Juventus agreed to replace Conte with Allegri, many expected that this would be the end of a prosperous era. In reality, Juventus, on the opposite, became stronger and more dominant than ever before.

Jose Mourinho

In every team,he still reveals a contrasting image: half a hero and half a villain. Neither did anybody know whether it was the character of the Special One or whether it was purposely achieved to accomplish his goal. 

Diego Simeone

Irrespective of the future, the fact that Simeone took Atletico Madrid on a tight budget to win the La Liga Championship in 2013/14 and the Champions League Final twice in three seasons is a remarkable achievement.

Pep Guardiola

There’s always a lot of people asking about Pep’s real talent as the squads he once led are or are a golden generation of top superstars. But for those who played with him, Pep Guardiola is genuinely a “pioneer” and the most thrilling mentor in the modern football world.

Antonio Conte

Many people find it’s more fun to see Conte on the sidelines than to see Chelsea’s action

But not just the excitement, but also the productivity of the Italian strategist, but the Premier League title in the first season is a typical evidence.

Zinedine Zidane

As Zidane replaced Benitez at the beginning of January 2016, no one believed this would happen: 18 months of two straight Champions League championships, the La Liga Championship and several more titles.