Miguel Muñoz

Miguel Muñoz was such a talented manager who established Real Madrid as one of the most powerful clubs in Europe. He claimed La Liga nine times.

Muñoz spent 16 years with Los Blancos, the longest-serving coach that the club has had. No other coaches have accomplished what he did with Real Madrid.

He coached some of the most talented players in the world such as Ferenc Puskás and Alfredo Di Stéfano.

Rinus Michels

Rinus Michles was one of the greatest football managers in Dutch. He led the Netherlands national team at the 1974 FIFA World Cup that lost to West Germany.

Rinus used to take needy teams, turning them around, and then leave to repeat the cycle.

He combined different systems and it was Total Football that he embraced and polished. He also influenced other managers, including Johan Cruyff.

Nereo Rocco

If you think of Catenaccio, you must thank Nereo Rocco, an Italian manager who devised a system that was based on an efficient defensive line with the only task is to prevent goals from the rivals.

Rocco led Serie A side Triestina in second place, the best place the club had. The most impressive feature of the result is the Master’s use of Catalaccio’s strategy throughout the season, making it popular throughout Europe.

His results took him to Milan, where he won the European Cup in 1963 and 1969.

Bob Paisley

Bob Paisley managed Liverpool from 1974 to 1983, taking the club to a new level and helping him become the most successful coach in the history of the club.

He has won at least one of the eight of the nine seasons he has spent with the Red, including six First Division tournaments, three European Cups and five FA Charity Shields.

Paisley was able to move his players according to the various situations he encountered. Psychology was the most important part of his plan, because he always seemed to benefit the most from his side.

He has been elected as the Annual Manager six times: 1976, 1977, 1979, 1980, 1982 and 1983.