Football clubs not only spend much money on players but also on the best coaches. The following is a list of top five football coaches with the highest salaries in 2020.

1/ Pep Guardiola (Annual Basic Salary £15 million)

Pep Guardiola ranks the first position after signing his three-year contract with the Manchester City football club in 2017. Under the contract detailed revealed on the Internet, he earns £15 million basic salaries per year when leading Manchester City. His contract valued at £50 million, including bonuses for winning league and championship.

2/ Carlos Ancelotti (Annual Basic Salary £11.5 million)

Carlos Ancelotti comes second with an annual basic salary of £11.5 million when signing a new contract with Everton for four years. He could earn an extra £2.5 million to retain Everton in Premier League.

3/ Ernesto Valverde (Annual Basic Salary £11 million)

Ernesto Valverde has recently extended the contract with his football club for one more year until 2021. Under the deal, he would earn an annual salary of €24 million. According to the report of TSM Sports, he is the best-paid coach in La Liga in particular and Europe in general when Valverde earns about €2 million per month.

4/ Zinedine Zidane (Annual Basic Salary £10.5 million)

Zinedine Zidane is the current football coach of Real Madrid. Under a contract signed in 2017, his salary for the club was £10.5 million a year. However, his contract lasts for two and a half year, which is going to end soon.

5/ Ole Gunnar Solskjær (Annual Basic Salary £8 million)

Ole Gunnar Solskjær is among the top five highest-paid football coaches in the world. He joined its football club after United sacked Jose Mourinho from the position. Under the contract released in 2018, the salary of new coach Solskjaer was £8 million per year.