The followings are the third part of the famous coaches of Major League Baseball.

6/ Brad Arnsberg

Before being a coach of the Florida Marlins since 2002, Brad Arnsberg was a former pitcher. He was a guiding force behind a number of famous pitching staff such as Ryan Dempster, Josh Beckett, Brad Penny, A.J. Burnett, Carl Pavano, and Dontrelle Willis.

Thanks to the guidance of Arnsberg, Marlines baseball team improved in 2003, lower their ERA from 4.36 in 2002 to 4.04 in 2003. He also led the Marlins to an improbable six-game victory over the New York Yankees in the World Series 2003.

In 2005, he moved to the Toronto Blue and presided over the developments of pitchers such as Shaun Marcum, Jesse Litsch, and Ricky Romero in the next five seasons.

Arnsberg took over a coach of the Houston Astros in 2010.

7/ Joe Kerrigan

Joe Kerrigan began his coaching career in 1983 with the Montreal Expos. He served as a bullpen coach and minor league in the farm system before taking over as a pitching coach of the team in 1992. In the next five seasons, he led the Expos pitching staff and helped the development of young pitcher Pedro Martinez.

He participated in the Red Sox coaching staff in 1997, following the recommendation of former Expos GM and current Boston Red Sox GM Dan Duquette. 

He guided the Red Sox staff until August 2001. He then worked as a pitching coach for Philadelphia Phillies in 2003-2004 and the Pittsburgh Pirates from 2008-2010.

8/ Cal McLish

During his 15-year baseball playing career, Cal McLish played with seven different teams, won 92 games before the retirement in 1964.

He then worked as a pitching coach for three teams, namely the Philadelphia Phillies in1965–1966, Montreal Expos in 1969–1975, and Milwaukee Brewers in 1976–1982.

He played an important role in developing the careers of Steve Rogers, Bob McLure, Bill Stoneman, Larry Sorenson, and Jim Slaton.