In the first article, we learned about three out of the most famous coaches of the Major League Baseball (MLB), namely Charlie Root, Herm Starrette, and Lee Stange.

Today, let’s continue with the next famous names: Dave Wallace and Billy Muffett.

4/ Dave Wallace

Dave Wallace has a long and successful baseball coaching career, starting with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1995. When leading this team, Wallance was instrumental in the development of many famous baseball players, namely Pedro Martinez, Orel Hershiser, Ramon Martinez, and Pedro Astacio, among others.

Notably, American baseball pitcher Orel Leonard Hershiser IV has hailed the role of Wallace on his career.

In 2003, Wallace became the pitching coach of the Boston Red Sox. One year later, he became part of the baseball team’s history as it finally broke the 86-year World Series drought in a four-game sweep over St. Louis Cardinals.

Now, he is still working to help the development of minor league pitching prospects in the Atlanta Braves organization.

5/ Billy Muffett

Billy Muffett was recognized as a stellar pitching coach thanks to his achievements of 18 seasons. He began his coaching career in the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1967-1970 period and influenced the careers of many famous pitchers such as Nelson Briles, Steve Carlton, and Dick Hughes.    

Muffett convinced his pitchers to employ a no-windup delivery, following an idea first adopted by famous pitching coach Jim Turner. As a result, they gained better control and command. Notably, the Cards won the top two in the ERA during Muffett’s first three years of pitching coach.

In 1974, he led the California Angels and worked with start pitcher Nolan Ryan and helped develop the career of young left-hander Frank Tanana.