The Major League Baseball has seen an evolution of many coaches over the past decades. The pitching coaches have become an important part of each MLB team. The followings are three out of the most famous coaches of the Major League Baseball, namely Charlie Root, Herm Starrette, and Lee Stange.

1/Charlie Root

With a 17-year baseball playing career during which he won 201 games for Chicago Clubs, Charlie Root brought what he learned and taught it to his players. He became one of the most successful pitching coaches of the 1950s.

He preached “nine commandments” that he believed would lead to long-term success for his pitchers. His key points worked out well for the Braves, who received two National League pennants and one World Series title during his tenure in the late 1950s.

2/Herm Starrette

Although his career in the majors prolonged only three seasons with 27 games, Herm Starrette‘s fame came later as a pitching coach for over 25 years. He coached seven different MLB clubs. Notably, he played a key role in the Philadelphia Phillies’s first-ever World Series championship.

He was instrumental in developing the pitching talent at minor leagues during his 28-year baseball coaching career.

3/Lee Stange

After he retired in 1970 following a decade career in the majors, Lee Stange immediately went to work as a coach. He first coached for the Boston Red Sox under the manager Eddie Kasko and latter under manager Ralph Houk.

During his second tenure in Boston, Stange was instrumental in developing young pitchers such as John Tudor, Bobby Ojeda, Bruce Hurst, and future Young Award winner Roger Clemens.

After the last year as pitching coach in 1984, Stange continued working with the Red Sox as a roving minor league pitching instructor for the next nine seasons.